Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hedge Funds: Fink plans to raise $5bn for 'eco funds'

Mr. Fink was formerly CEO of MAN Group, the world's largest hedge fund group.
From The Financial Times:

Stanley Fink is aiming to raise $5bn (£3.4bn) within five years for a new environmentally-focused fund manager he has set up with former colleagues from Man Group, where he was chief executive until last year.

Mr Fink will chair Earth Capital Partners, which will be run by Rufus Warner, former chief executive of Close Investments, part of Close Brothers.

Earth Capital aims to launch a series of venture capital-style funds to appeal to the wealthy and institutional investors such as pension funds, which Mr Fink believes will be increasing their allocation to environmental issues in spite of the financial crisis.

Mr Fink said the company was close to securing a $250m seed investment into one of the funds it planned to launch early next year after it won regulatory approval.

"If the politicians want to stop the temperature rises there really has to be massive investment in many areas and the terms of the investment have to be attractive if they are to attract capital," he said....MORE