Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stock Ratings From Merrill

From CNBC:

New Merrill Rule: 20% of Stocks Rated 'Underweight'

I guess all the children aren't above average.


Why the fuck is a New York accounting firm asking LIRR riders if they recognize a statue that even the drunkest, stupidest white-collar worker tripping on LSD at 3am could identify? And are commuting Long islanders so fucking bored that they're actually following the ad's directions like Lemmings and visiting the stupid MarksPaneth Website to see what they've won (nothing) for knowing the answer? The other "puzzles" at the Site, including a pic of the Statue of Liberty with her torch in the wrong hand, are even more fucking annoying. Is this representative of how fucking annoying it is doing business with you uncreative idiotic bean counters? (FYI: it's not Garibaldi. His statue stands in Washington Square Park.)
-From Animal New York

HT: DealBreaker--

Bonus Round: Which Investment Bank, Until Recently, Asked This Very Question Of All Would-Be Employees?