Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Somebody's Looking to Raise some Money- Sunrgi

I was wondering why Sunrgi was making so much noise, over the last couple weeks it's been all over the blogosphere. Today, MIT's Technology Review fills us in:

Focusing on Solar's Cost

Sunrgi claims that its concentrated photovoltaic system outshines the competition.

A Hollywood-based solar startup says that it will soon be able to produce electricity from the sun at costs that are competitive with fossil-fuel generation. The key is the company's dramatic improvement in the performance of concentrated photovoltaic technology.

Sunrgi, which emerged out of stealth mode last week, has created a concentrated photovoltaic system that uses a lens to focus sunlight up to 2,000 times onto tiny solar cells that can convert 37.5 percent of the sun's energy into electricity. Stronger concentrations of sunlight allow engineers to use much smaller solar cells, making it more economical to use higher-efficiency--but higher-cost--cells. Sunrgi, for example, will use cells based on gallium arsenside and germanium substrates....

...Sidlo says that Sunrgi will initially be targeting utility-scale developments and is in talks with strategic partners, including manufacturers. The company is currently self-funded but says that it is talking with top venture capitalists.