Saturday, May 3, 2008

Inside the BRK Opening Reception

From DealBreaker:
Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting kicks off today and, as luck would have it, one of the 27,000 (tiny) fractional owners of the company is a DealBreaker reader. Curtis Walker will be liveblogging the jamboree, which, in year’s past, has included Warren Buffett losing to an 11 year old at ping pong, and teaching a tantric sex class. So don’t be assholes—he’s one of you!

Made it to Omaha and got the choice parking spot in our new home, the parking lot. After a few moments of refreshment, we headed over to the Hilton to mooch a ride with some rich folks. Look, taking a cab is a foreign thing to me, and apart from this trip, I probably won't ride in a cab all year. Saving a couple bucks is a matter of principle. Call me a cheapskate or call me an environmentalist, either way I'm saving green. Anyway, we meet a nice guy named Barry who's in the business of insuring cabs. How's that for coincidence? Anyway, we shove 5 of our shareholder asses into the cab, which only has 4 seats, so the cabbie throws a fit and tries to dump me off onto another cab. Unfortunately, there isn't one, so he begrudgingly takes us the 94 blocks or so to Borshiems. Barry picks up the tab and balks at my offer to split it. See, he' living the high life, but I believe in fairness. In any case, everyone comes out on top and we're all happy campers....MORE