Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Earnings Heads-Up: Yingli Green Energy (YGE)

The whole group is moving right now, and Yingli is reporting before the open tomorrow.
The stock is at $27.15 up $2.81 (11.59%).

My problem is that the stock was up 7.8% yesterday and a miss could be very expensive.
Not a lot of public guidance but since ENER blew away the estimates last week, followed by CSIQ this week it sure does seem that this is the "Happy Time"*.

From Yahoo Finance:

Earnings Est Current Qtr
Next Qtr
Current Year
Next Year
Avg. Estimate 1.331.386.5313.52
No. of Analysts 991211
Low Estimate
High Estimate 1.781.787.3425.39
Year Ago EPS N/AN/A2.896.53

*It's a WWII ref:
From June until October 1940, over 270 Allied ships were sunk: this period was referred to by U-boat crews as "Die Gl├╝ckliche Zeit", the Happy Time.

Followed by:

Second Happy Time

The Second Happy Time was the informal name for a phase in the Second Battle of the Atlantic during which Axis submarines attacked merchant shipping along the east coast of North America. The first "Happy time" had been in 1940/41.

It lasted from January 1942 to about August of that year. German submariners named it the happy time or the golden time as defence measures were weak and disorganised,[1] and the U-boats were able to inflict massive damage with little risk. During the second happy time, Axis submarines sank 609 ships totaling 3.1 million tons for the loss of only 22 U-boats. This was roughly one quarter of all shipping sunk by U-boats during the entire Second World War, and constituted by far the most serious defeat ever suffered by the US Navy.