Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Carbon Cowboys: YTL buys controlling stake in SV Carbon

From The Star (Malaysia):

YTL Corp Bhd has acquired a controlling stake in a clean development mechanism developer (CDM), SV Carbon, now known as YTL-SV Carbon Sdn Bhd.

Managing director Tan Sri Francis Yeoh said the company was the largest CDM consultancy in Malaysia and the third largest in Asean, with 30 projects under development in Malaysia. It also has ongoing consulting projects in Indonesia, Thailand and China....MORE


Also from The Star:

"...IN LINE with escalating global urgency for action against global warming, YTL Corporation Berhad announced recently that Climate Change Week 2008 will be held from April 29 to May 4.

...To entertain and educate, YTL is sponsoring free public screenings of The 11th Hour, the acclaimed climate change documentary, which YTL brought to Malaysia exclusively for this event.

Produced and narrated by Hollywood actor and environmental activist Leonardo Di-Caprio, the film explores how we live and impact Earth’s ecosystems and what we can do as global citizens to change the course mankind is headed for....MORE