Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Prince Charles on Global Warming

From the Telegraph:

The Prince of Wales has called for a "war" on climate change warning that the world faced a catastrophe without a "revolutionary" approach to the threat.

In his first speech to the European Parliament, Prince Charles delivered an apocalyptic warning that time was running out unless there was concerted action.

"For me, the crux of the problem is - and I only pray I will be proven wrong - that the doomsday clock of climate change is ticking ever faster towards midnight," he said....MORE

I received an email last week from a reader who said:

...I'll believe in catastrophic global warming when the people screaming about catastrophic global warming start acting like they believe in catastrophic global warming.
I hardly ever scream. Maybe on option expiration days.
He's not going to be convinced by Prince Charles.

From the Daily Mail:

Charles and Camilla to sail Caribbean in a luxury yacht to cut carbon emissions

At £280,000 a week, the Leander is one of the most expensive
British-registered yachts to hire but it is apparently 'greener'
than chartering a private aircraft

From The Scotsman:

For green and country
...The use of the 245ft German-built Leander, charted for the tour from its owner, car-park millionaire Sir Donald Gosling, is being broadcast as an example of Charles's commitment to reducing his carbon footprint. The Prince's household has attracted criticism in the past for extolling environmental awareness while registering a major and damaging carbon footprint through his travels, and Charles is clearly trying to practise a little more of what he preaches....
From the WaPo:
Prince's Island Tour Is 'Eco-Friendly'

From the BBC:
Charles goes 'green' in Caribbean

From Climateer Investing:
We like big boats and we can not lie.
(Queens meet in Sydney)

Here's the bridge cam of the QE 2, now in the southern ocean*:

Queen Elizabeth 2 Bridge Cam
Live from the Bridge Cam of the Queen Elizabeth 2

Here's Sir Mixalot, "Baby got Back (I like big butts)"

*Here's a sailing ship slide show set to Crosby, Stills & Nash's
Southern Cross