Monday, February 18, 2008

Philips: Turning on the Lights (PHG)

From Barron's:

Koninklijke Philips Electronics, the big Dutch maker of light bulbs, shavers and MRI machines, finally looks ready to deliver some high-wattage results.
...But Philips, and its stock, haven't finished their ascent. By some estimates, the shares and the ADRs could climb another 30% or more as the company's transformation enters a new phase, spurred by a two acquisitions announced last year totaling 5.3 billion euros ($7.7 billion).
The other buy was Genlyte, a U.S. maker of mainly commercial lights. Genlyte's operating margins are close to 15%, which should raise Philips' total lighting margins to 12.2% from a current 11.1%.

The acquisitions capped a restructuring that has left Philips with a promising portfolio of businesses: medical instruments, domestic appliances and personal care, lighting, and consumer electronics. The operations cater heavily to industrial customers, meaning the company should prove resilient in a consumer downturn....MORE

Tom Konrad has PHG as #9 on his "Ten Solid Clean Energy Companies to Buy on the Cheap:..." list.

Our contribution to the blogobuzz was the modestly headlined:
Light Fixtures: We told you so (Watch the Politicians!)