Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Off-Topic: Blog Resources for Microsoft- Yahoo News and Views (MSFT; YHOO)

From Information Week's "Top 60 Little-Known Technology Web Sites"
Our guide to great blogs and Web sites worth adding to your bookmarks. The selection ranges from obvious picks like Technabob and Search Engine Watch to more obscure destinations such as Location One, istartedsomething, and GottaBeMobile.
24. Todd Bishop's Blog
Todd Bishop blogs about everything Microsoft. A five-year veteran of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Bishop uses his proximity, access, and press credentials to bring a newspaper reporter's perspective to the blogosphere. Bishop covers breaking news on the blog. When a former Microsoft employee was recently indicted for embezzling more than $1 million, Bishop posted updates throughout the afternoon. His tone is more measured than some Microsoft bloggers, which is one reason to like it.

25. LiveSide.net
Run by three former Microsoft MVPs -- basically, hardcore Microsoft fans -- this blog covers everything about Microsoft's online strategy. There are sections for interviews, developer content and editorial posts, plus an ever-growing list of Windows Live services.

LiveSide doesn't just spout opinions all the time; instead, its proprietors actually go out and report. They do interviews and hunt down new betas lurking around on the Web. Their unwavering eye on Microsoft's online strategy makes them an important site during an era where Microsoft struggles to maintain perceived relevance on the Web. Though they don't work for Microsoft, the LiveSide guys bring an almost-insider's perspective on the company's online strategy, particularly with Windows Live services.

LiveSide is ahead of the curve on Microsoft's online strategy, and makes and breaks news as often as some of the "real" press.

27. Mini-Microsoft
Mini-Microsoft doesn't post often, but when he does, he's often disgruntled. This blog is a real insider's perspective on Microsoft, by an anonymous, veteran Microsoft employee.

Sure, it's anonymous and has way too many inside jokes and references, but Microsoft employees read and comment, and you should read it too. Consider the 224 comments the blog received on the firing of then-Microsoft-CIO Stuart Scott, many of them from Microsoft employees claiming to have the answer on why it happened. Or the snarky remarks Mini-Microsoft makes on the company's stock and results.

Never boring, the masked Mini-Microsoft is worth a peek if nothing else.

29. WinBeta
WinBeta is one of a few sites that do nothing but aggregate news on Microsoft. It's a tough task, because true Microsoft watchers know that news comes quick and steady out of Redmond. WinBeta puts its news in a sort of bloggy form where each post is a headline and excerpt from an article or page elsewhere on the Web. The site's bulletin boards are also active.

WinBeta does a better job than others at keeping on top of the latest from Microsoft. It might not be the most original, but anyone wanting to stay apprised of what's coming next and what's here now can get their fill from this site. The site is a solid news aggregator that keeps close track of a fast-moving Microsoft.