Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ink from Boston: AAAS annual meeting underway. Ocean science goes first.

Lots o'links.
From MIT's Knight Science Journalism Tracker:

The usual mob of reporters, presumably, is at the meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, now underway this year in Boston. Some reporters are keeping their eye on it from afar, via press releases etc. On Monday we’ll try for a further wrap-up of news. But so far, the largest news splash seems to come via a “supermap” of the world ocean color coded to show where human activity is having the greatest impacts....MORE

HT: Columbia Journalism Review's The Observatory:
...Oceans, generally, were a bit topic at AAAS meeting. Another press favorite (and an obvious one considering the combination of important findings and opportunity for meaty language): research predicts warming oceans around Antarctica “could unleash an invasion” of new predators (who avoid the extreme cold) like sharks and crabs that could “decimate the region’s fragile, biologically diverse ecosystem.” The quotes are from New Scientist, but there is a host of other articles to choose from. Other research presented at the conference led to stories about sharks as threatened, not threat, and tuna in trouble, too.