Saturday, February 9, 2008

CNBC: Buffett Didn't Say the Dollar Would be "Worthless", Said it Would be "Worth Less"

From CNBC:

There is a Dow Jones Newswires story, that originally moved on Wednesday (2/7), quoting billionaire investor Warren Buffett as saying the dollar will be "worthless" if the current account deficit continues. Warren Buffett called CNBC's Becky Quick, co-anchor of "Squawk Box" (6-9 AM ET) this morning on her office phone (which also rings on the set) to correct the Dow Jones Newswires story. Becky literally interrupted Jim Cramer and CNBC Chief Economics Correspondent Steve Liesman to repeat what Buffett was telling her -- he said the dollar would be "worth less." That's a very important distinction.

Below is the original Dow Jones Newswires story:...MORE