Thursday, February 14, 2008


This is a bit off-topic, but hey, it's Valentine's Day
(and about money).
From the New York Post:

A multimillionaire financier, once engaged to President Bush's former sister-in-law, wants his ring back - and he says it's worth more than $400,000.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Gerald Tsai, 78, says he's "been damaged in the sum of $434,000" by Sharon Bush's "failure and refusal to return" the massive, 11.07-carat ring he says he bought her as an engagement ring.

Bush, 55 - the ex-wife of the president's scandal-scarred brother, Neil - says she isn't giving up her best friend without a fight.

"The ring belongs to her. It was a Christmas present, not an engagement ring," said a Bush pal. "She's surprised he hasn't asked for the pearls back."

The pal said their once warm relationship went up in flames last month when a shouting Tsai dumped her inside of Cipriani's restaurant....MORE

HT: 1440 Wall Street:

“Valentine’s Day is a day you give gifts to your sweetheart. It’s not the day you demand Christmas presents back,” Felder said, “He’s a Native American giver,” Felder said of Tsai.