Friday, October 19, 2007

Ya Put Your Financial Model on Top of Your Climate Model; Borrow Money to Buy Derivatives...

Of course that isn't what HSBC is doing, just a little Climateer reductio ad absurdum.

From Money News (UK):

HSBC Investments has announced that it will introduce a climate change fund in November.

The new fund will be dedicated to investment in companies which are participating in addressing climate change and developing solutions to the problem.

SINOPIA, the active quantitative specialist of the HSBC Group, will be managing the fund, which hopes to outperform the HSBC Global Climate Change index.

The HSBC Global Climate Change index has provided a 125 per cent return and outperformed the MSCI World index since January 2004, according to HSBC.

Farley Thomas, global head of wholesale at HSBC Investments, commented: "HSBC considers climate change to be one of the biggest investment themes for the foreseeable future.

"Our active quant approach to climate change investing is innovative and HSBC Investments is pleased to be the first to use the new HSBC Global Climate Change index as a public mutual fund benchmark."

HSBC Investments has been managing assets on behalf of clients for more than three decades.