Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Worsening Global Warming Catastrophe...

...suggests intrusion from Manipulative Extraterrestrials

From The Canadian:

Scholars in Environmental Science, and Climate Change activists, have sought to educate and inform people internationally about what Global Warming is generally about, and also about its catastrophic consequences. Within this context, political leaders and corporate elites who prevail over worsening Global Warming, are portrayed as being short-sighted or just plain ignorant, and driven by greed.

However, responsible human beings should appreciate that the elites who prevail over Global Warming are surely not all stupid.

...The first hypothesis to be considered is that elites who prevail over worsening Global Warming have been persuaded to believe that they will be “rescued” from planet Earth, by some Manipulative Extraterrestrial group(s), in the event of a predicted catastrophic “tipping point”. Earthbound elites, may be under the impression that manipulative aliens will evacuate them from a destroyed planet Earth to an Off-world land of “milk and honey”, in regard for their having served their alien benefactors well in the context of an alleged greed driven alliance....

...The second hypothesis to be considered, is that Earthbound human elites are being manipulated by Manipulative Extraterrestrials, through some kind of telepathic mind control, which has sabotaged their capacity to pursue a rational course of action on behalf of the collective survival of humanity.

The third hypothesis. is based upon representations about aliens which are of alleged demonic consciousnesses, but which are in human disguise. This third hypothesis is therefore that some apparently human elites, may be really Manipulative Extraterrestrials in disguise, who have sought to instigate an environmental holocaust via Global Warming, against human beings....MORE