Tuesday, October 23, 2007

While one N.D. ethanol plant is closed, others are going ahead

Belly up to the bar, boys. The drinks are on me.
(and you and every other taxpayer)

From The Bismarck Tribune:

...Tharaldson Ethanol near Casselton and U.S. BioEnergy near Hankinson are to begin operations next year, to refine 100 million gallons of fuel a year from corn.

...The 100-million Spiritwood ethanol plant will be next to an expanded Cargill malting plant and a 99-megawatt coal-fired power plant that has begun construction.

...The Alchem Ltd. ethanol plant in Grafton shut down temporarily, putting 30 people out of work. The plant, which opened in 1983, produces 10.5 million gallons of ethanol a year.

Agassiz Energy announced that it was canceling plans for a proposed 70-million-gallon ethanol plant near Erksine, Minn., blaming the economic squeeze from a rise in corn prices coinciding with the drop in ethanol prices.

And Glacial Lakes Energy, based in Watertown, S.D., announced it halted construction temporarily on the Missouri Valley Ethanol plant, a 60-million gallon plant near Meckling, S.D., due to high building costs and the economic squeeze....MORE