Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Warren Buffett: Ich bin ein Peak Oiler.

Regular readers may remember my comment that I had learned as much about investing from Warren Buffett's Letters to Shareholders as from any other single source.
(I've got a belly full of warm tea and am too lazy to link self-reverentially, the search blog box upper left is handy, "Warren Buffet")

Another source over the years: journalists. Sometimes for the story, sometimes because they get me thinking about something else.

In the instant case, Energy Roundup, three weeks ago: Energy by the Trainload, reminded me of Warren Buffet (also covered by the ER: Buffett on Energy) and his railroad investments.
(they were mentioned in the linked story)

A quick internet search turned up this blog entry and the title to my post:
(which I lifted)
Right scenerio, wrong guys maybe. Ah, so let's try again..

Warren Buffett and Matthew Simmons walk into a bar...

Berkshire Hathaway disclosed over the weekend that it had acquired a circa $3 billion stake in railroad Burlington Northern Santa Fe, and then this morning CNBC reported that there are two other railroads that Berkshire is investing substantial amounts in, to the tune of around $700 million each.

Now, if you take a look at the charts of the various railroad stocks (BNI, UNP, CSX, NSC), you will see that Mr. Buffett isn't exactly acquiring these stocks at rock bottom prices. In terms of historical valuations, they don't look all that cheap either. This is clearly not a prototypical Warren Buffett investment, at least at first glance. But for some reason, Mr. Buffett wanted the railroad industry and he wanted in in a hurry....

From: Land of Black Gold