Thursday, October 11, 2007

Venezuelan Ruler: to "phase out" private firms aimed at accumulating riches

From el universal:

President Hugo Chávez warned that the private property viewed as a means to build up riches "does not have room in the Bolivarian revolution, and we are going to phase it out in order to democratize property."

Chávez' remarks came during a ceremony to swear in the electoral campaign taskforce for a referendum next December on his proposed changes to the Constitution.

The Venezuelan ruler late Tuesday claimed that "we do not want private firms intended to build up riches at the expense of the others' misery. We are going to phase them out. The capitalist private sector -whose only goal is accumulation of profits and money while exploiting the others- is unsuitable for this revolution," Chávez said, as quoted by official news media.

Regarding his intended changes to the Venezuelan Constitution, he argued that Article 115 clearly establishes that the private property of all Venezuelans shall be respected, provided that it does not undermine the people's "interests."...MORE