Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Reporting on global warming not clean, simple

From CNN Money:
GE's decision on NBC sale delayed - report
Conglomerate won't explore sale of media unit until after Beijing Olympics games in 2008.

From the Chicago Tribune:

So NBC's "Today" show has unveiled big plans for next month to jet its stars to the far reaches of the planet -- Matt Lauer in the Arctic, Al Roker at the Equator and Ann Curry in Antarctica -- for live broadcasts aimed at alerting us to the effects of global warming.

You know, the phenomenon said to be exacerbated by 21st Century conveniences that spew carbons into the environment, such as, um, jet travel.

"There's no question there are some travel arrangements that will require private transportation, and we've talked about that in terms of minimizing our carbon footprint," Lauer said Tuesday in a "Today" call with reporters. "It's impossible at this moment to say we can absolutely come up with a neutral carbon footprint, but it's also something we'll examine.

The special "Today" broadcasts are part of General Electric-controlled NBC Universal's much-trumpeted weeklong "Green Is Universal"...MORE