Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Investing In Climate Change: An Asset Management Perspective

On Friday we mentioned the news:
Bank says climate change is investment "megatrend".
The folks at Deutsche Asset Management (Deutsche Bank) have put their report online.

Market size

$500 billion
Value of low-carbon energy markets by 2050 (Stern)

$100 billion
Demand for projects generating GHG emissions credits by 2030 (UN)

$100 billion
Worldwide investment in clean energy by 2009
(New Energy Finance)

$18.6 to $23.1 billion
Estimated solar industry revenues by 2010 (Solar Buzz)

$15 billion
Global fuel cell and distributed hydrogen market by 2015*

$84 billion
Cumulative net savings from energy efficient products in US by 2012*

The complete report is a 51 page PDF
I have to put off reading it until this evening.