Monday, October 15, 2007

Hedge funds target currency pegs

From the Telegraph:

The wolf packs are circling. Fifteen years after George Soros smashed the sterling and lira pegs of Europe's Exchange Rate Mechanism, central banks have invited hedge funds to pounce again. This time on a global scale.

Sitting ducks are on offer across Eastern Europe, the Middle East and emerging Asia, each offering an irresistible one-way bet for speculators with deep pockets.

What the candidates all have in common is inflation, the ever-higher penalty they pay for chaining their destinies through currency pegs and dirty floats to the dollar and the euro, the currencies of two enfeebled blocs – one a fat roué at the end of his credit, the other a stooped old gentleman with a stick.

The global M3 money supply is growing at 10.6pc as stimulus from America, Europe – and Japan, through the carry trade – leaks out to the vibrant parts of the world economy.

Money is expanding at 18pc in Saudi Arabia, 19pc in China, 24pc in India, 36pc in the United Arab Emirates, 41pc in Russia and 69pc in Venezuela....MORE