Wednesday, October 3, 2007


No. Not from the Onion.
From the Aberdeen Press and Journal:

Windfarms could destroy bugs and worms that are the basis of the food chain, according to scientists and environmental experts.They are fearful of a potentially catastrophic gap in knowledge about the industry's possible effects on the Highland landscape.

One academic has urged the Scottish Government to order a moratorium on onshore windfarms to allow a scientific study to establish whether or not turbine vibration and sub-sonic noise threatens some our tiniest and rarest creatures.

Forres-based retired ethics professor Dixie Deans has written to ministers, telling them: "Every single thing depends on fungi, mushrooms, lichen, invertebrates and insects which lie at the very base of the food chain. We know that many species are extremely vulnerable to small environmental changes.

"Windfarms are said to be environmentally friendly. In fact, there is no reliable, sustainable or provable way of forecasting what the noise or vibration levels from any windfarm will be. Let's get knowledge of this before we rush into building more."

He has contacted a wide range of government agencies, environmental and trade organisations for feedback, finding that few had considered the issue....MORE