Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Euronext to open carbon trading market as sales hit €25bn a year

We had a sketchy Euronext/CDC story yesterday, this one gives a bit of backround.
From The Independent:

...The company revealed little detail in a short statement announcing the new exchange, saying only that it hopes to launch it early next year.

The revelation will be a blow for Climate Exchange, the AIM-listed company that operates the European Climate Exchange, where most of Europe's carbon credit exchange trading takes place.

...In 2005, the first year of the ETS, 9bn (£6.3bn) worth of carbon credits were traded. According to research from Celent, a consultancy, that number will nearly triple to 25bn this year, and could reach 100bn by 2020.

Given that the carbon trading market is driven by rules imposed by government regulators, it is unclear how much the sector will grow.....MORE

Ah, is that $142 Billion all from Europe? As Monty Burns would say, exxxcellent.
Welcome to the Rent-seekers ball.