Friday, October 19, 2007

EU Commission delays emissions trading proposals

Faked the world out, bwaah ha ha!
From Reuters:

The European Commission has delayed for several weeks a package of sensitive proposals on sharing and trading greenhouse gas emissions and on renewable energy, a spokesman for the EU executive said on Friday.

"It won't be for December but for January," Commission spokesman Johannes Laitenberger said on the sidelines of an EU summit in the Portuguese capital Lisbon.

Laitenberger said the postponement would allow further consultations on the proposals between the EU executive and the 27 member states, and let the EU take into account the outcome of a U.N. meeting on climate change due in Bali in December.

The proposals were originally due to be published ahead of the Bali conference, where delegates hope to start to shape a global deal for when the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012....MORE

No, you show me your cards first. No, you show me yours....