Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Emissions Allowance & Renewable Energy Credit

From BP's website:

As an energy manager with alternate fuel switching capabilities you are concerned about emissions allowances. You're managing either short or long allowances, or you’re challenged by being short today and long next month. What do you do?

SOLUTION: Contact your BP representative for help developing your emissions strategy. Using financial trading tools such as options may provide a viable and effective solution. If you are short allowances, consider purchasing a call option from BP. This will allow you to buy emissions allowances at a known strike price. If you are long allowances, purchase a put option from BP so that you can sell them at a known strike price. Source

Does it seem as though all financial communications are starting to sound like First Citiwide Change Bank?:
Bank Representative: We will work with the customer to give that customer the change that he or she needs. If you come to us with a twenty-dollar bill, we can give you two tens, we can give you four fives - we can give you a ten and two fives. We will work with you.

Customer #2: I went to my First Citiwide branch to change a fifty. I guess I was in kind of a hurry, and I asked for a twenty, a ten, and two fives. Their computers picked up my mistake right away, and I got the correct change....