Environmentalists and industry officials alike are holding their breath, waiting for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to act on a stack of environmental bills in the next few days that would do everything from require green building standards on new homes and commercial buildings to banning a controversial type of chemicals in children's toys.

Schwarzenegger has until Sunday to sign or veto all the bills that the state Legislature sent him this year.

And as in years past, Schwarzenegger is keeping both supporters and opponents of many of the top environmental issues guessing right until the end. His actions are harder to predict than previous governors, they say.

"Arnold is a celebrity. He loves some of these environmental issues," said John White, executive director of the Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies, an environmental group in Sacramento.

"He has great command of the subjects in a speech-making kind of way. Environmentalists see him, unlike with (former Gov.) Pete Wilson, as 'there's always a chance with Arnold that you might get a bill signed.' He is a centrist."...MORE

From LiveScience:

Strong-Jawed Dino Likened to Arnold Schwarzenegger

...Jaws weren't the only robust thing about G. monumentensis. All of its bones were likewise massive. Scott Sampson, another Utah Museum paleontologist who was involved in the study, called the animal the "Arnold Schwarzenegger of duckbilled dinosaurs."

"It was a like a dinosaur on steroids," Sampson added. "The bones were thick, not just in the skull, but in the limbs as well."...