Monday, June 4, 2007

Oxfam, Global Warming and Money-Part III

This is an abbreviated version, there's more to come.

In a shakedown worthy of Tony Soprano:

"Future costs and liability: adaptation can reduce the damage that will be caused by climate change, but cannot eliminate it. Cutting emissions now and adapting early will help to greatly reduce the (potentially very large) financial costs of that climate damage. Climate litigation is very likely to increase in the future, as the evidence on links between greenhouse-gas emissions and specific weather events gets stronger. And claims for damages against polluters will likely be higher where polluters have failed to cut their emissions sufficiently, or have failed to provide the compensatory finance that vulnerable communities need in order to build their resilience now."
Page 9

Oh, and by the way send the money to NGO's:

Scaling up NGO community-based initiat

page 19

"The organisational capacity-building needed for NGOs to provide this kind of scaled-up support will be an additional and significant cost. But this figure begins to indicate the cost of meeting some of the adaptation needs in communities." page 20

"Learning by doing and building organisational capacity: what successful adaptation looks like will only be learned by piloting initiatives and massively scaling up those that work. Across adaptation measures of all kinds, some will not work, or will require more time and support, potentially raising the costs of succeeding. Scaling up capacity of the organisations that will be providing support (such as local NGOs and local government) will be one of the biggest challenges." page 22

Oxfam's revenues last year were $614,000,000
OxfamAmerica's revenue---------$ 67,000,000
Oxfam Canada----------------------$ 22,000,000

If you want to know their fund-raising costs click on the links above.
That's just one NGO. It's a big business.