Friday, June 1, 2007

Emission Permits Rise; Bush Calls for Climate-Change Targets

"The world has come to the conclusion that cap and trade is working,'' said Richard Sandor, creator of U.S. Treasury futures at the Chicago Board of Trade, and chairman of the company that owns Europe's biggest climate exchange."

Which reminds me of this press release:

The World Welcomes CTC!

From the Carbon Tax Center:

Mr Sandor is actually a smart and funny guy. In his 2004 UCSD commencement speech he said:

"The right wing objected to our vision because they thought we were environmentalists.

The left wing objected because they thought we were capitalists."

Here's the Bloomberg story. Here's the commencement speech. If you click on it you'll see he pays homage to Maurice Strong. Mr. Strong is reputed to be gravely ill. I don't know whether to pray for Mr. Strong or warn Satan there's gonna be a new sheriff in Hades.

You'll see what I mean in part III of "Oxfam, Global Warming and Money"