Saturday, June 9, 2007

Climate Change, Investing and Sharia- Link Dump

As I said yesterday, I have a lot of bookmarks. They're on big servers, really big servers and P.C.'s. Fortunately, they're well enough organized that they're retrievable, if I remember I have them in the first place.

With that preamble, it might be time to aquaint/reacquaint oneself with EMC, not that their technology is cutting edge but rather that they can pull a CSCO ca. 1999 and buy the cutting edge.

In no particular order; well, skipping alpha for now:

The Beta Brief has had some posts that may be of interest to CI readers.

This one on Van Eck's new nuclear and agricultural ETF's, which combination reminds me of this.

Another, starting with Claymore's Water ETF had a link to H2O heaven.

This post on weather derivatives has a lot of links for the neophyte, the adventuresome or the lunatic speculator.
(as your investment counsel, I have to ascertain your risk tolerance, wanna cut the cards for a thousand?)

Lastly, Beta Brief had a couple posts on Shariah-compliant ETF's and S&P's Sharia-compliant Indices: Europe 350 and Japan 500 (what no Shinto 500? Blatent discrimination. Or maybe the name is owned by NASCAR). Dow Jones of course was first, in 1999.

I'd postulate performance to come in somewhere between the alt/clean funds and the Vice Fund.

No studies on how (or if) climate change affects burqa sales. Another trend to watch, the burqini.