Friday, April 27, 2007

WWF says nuclear no answer to climate change

Sorry about that. In a post a couple hours ago I made a reference to this link and hadn't posted it!
It's the WWF that says nyet to nuclear. Here's their 2003 position paper. And here's the most recent post on their website, filed under Climate Change, March 19, 2007.

Apparently WWF Australia disagrees as does Patrick Moore co-founder of Greenpeace whose 1976 statement:
"Nuclear power plants are, next to nuclear warheads themselves, the most dangerous devices that man has ever created. Their construction and proliferation is the most irresponsible, in fact the most criminal, act ever to have taken place on this planet." is still being used as a pull-quote by Greenpeace.

Moore wrote an Op-Ed for the Washington Post headlined "Going Nuclear".

In future I will post first, self-reference second.