Monday, March 18, 2024

"Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang debuts new $8,990 lizard-embossed leather jacket, also says something about AI GPUs: (NVDA)

Two from Tom's Hardware. First up the headliner, March 18:

Jensen's jacket retails for nearly $9,000 and is currently on sale for 40% off.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang is well-known for giving his keynotes wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket. He hasn't addressed why he chose his (now iconic) black leather jacket specifically (considering other tech CEOs are known for hoodies and black turtlenecks, it's a pretty good choice), but he mentioned in an interview with HP last year that his wife and daughter are responsible for his current style. 

So we weren't terribly surprised to see Jensen in yet another black leather motorcycle jacket for the 2024 GTC keynote. But this time, it was a different leather jacket—still black but looking like it was made of lizard skin. Naturally, Tom's Hardware editors quickly went to the staffroom to discuss this fascinating disruption in Jensen's wardrobe. 

(Just kidding, it took me all of two seconds to find Jensen's jacket — I'm nothing if not a leather jacket connaisseuse.)....


Nvidia’s next-gen AI GPU is 4X faster than Hopper: Blackwell B200 GPU delivers up to 20 petaflops of compute and other massive improvements
The dual-die B200 GPU has 4X the AI training performance and 30X the inference performance of its predecessor.

Nvidia currently sits atop the AI world, with data center GPUs that everybody wants. Its Hopper H100 and GH200 Grace Hopper superchip are in serious demand and power many of the most powerful supercomputers in the world. Well, hang on to your seats, because Nvidia just revealed the successor to Hopper. CEO Jensen Huang today dropped the Blackwell B200 bomb, the next-generation data center and AI GPU that will provide a massive generational leap in computational power.

The Blackwell architecture and B200 GPU take over from H100/H200. There will also be a Grace Blackwell GB200 superchip, which as you can guess by the name will keep the Grace CPU architecture but pair it with the updated Blackwell GPU. We anticipate Nvidia will eventually have consumer-class Blackwell GPUs as well, but those may not arrive until 2025 and will be quite different from the data center chips....

....MUCH MORE (they go deep) 

After trading up a bit in the regular session +$6.18 (+0.70%) the stock settled at $869.00 in afterhours trade, down $15.55 (-1.76%).

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