Tuesday, August 29, 2023

A Very Detailed Plan To Invade Canada

As we said in January:
....And from the turnabout is fair play file:
  • Canada's secret plan to invade the US: How gung-ho 1920s colonel planned to take Detroit, Seattle and Portland in five-pronged attack over $22 billion debt row 
  • Canadian colonel formulated plan to invade US after traveling to Vermont in a disguise for intelligence research
  • Defense Scheme No. 1 would have taken cities such as Seattle and Detroit
  • US had own plan to take over Halifax and cut Canada off from Great Britain
  • Charles Lindbergh flew spy mission over Hudson Bay, recommended the use of chemical weapons
  • New book War Plan Red details conflict between the two neighbors

The United States and Canada have been described as the closest of allies, though tensions between the two countries as recently as 80 years ago saw Canada mock up invasion plans against its southern neighbor.

The beginning of the 20th century saw both the US and a Canadian lieutenant colonel formulate plans to send soldiers into each other's heartlands in the event of war.

A new book titled War Plan Red by Kevin Lippert details the long history of conflicts between the two North Americans nations, which included spy missions flown by famed aviator Charles Lindbergh....



Okay, not the most accurate map. I can imagine some slightly bewildered Canuck down on the Kentucky - Ohio border asking the way to Detroit, eh.

One concern though, should the U.S. move on Toronto and environs (nice 'hood):

"How quickly could Canada build an atomic bomb?"

 And the headline story from Not the Bee, August 11:

This guy came up with a VERY detailed plan to conquer Canada and people are loving it in the replies

Ladies and gentlemen, America has a long tradition of liberating totalitarian countries rich in oil, and it just so happens that Canada now fits the bill.

To that end, this very fine random man on the internet has come up with a bulletproof plan - BULLETPROOF, I SAY - to conquer the vast domain of our northern neighbors.

Don't lie, you've probably spent many a sleepless night thinking of how street-to-street fighting in Ontario would go, or how to position an invasion fleet off the coast of Vancouver....