Monday, November 26, 2018

"A Chinese startup may have cracked solid-state batteries"

Here's a version of our battery boilerplate from a 2016 post:

Why We Still Don't Have Better Batteries
We've had a lot of posts on batteries over the years, here's the Google search of the blog: batteries
It got to the point there were so many 'breakthroughs' that didn't pan out that we stopped posting on them rather than waste our reader's time.
We do post around one per month just to keep our hand in. Here's a tech that will matter, not so sure about the company.
From Engadget:

A Chinese startup may have cracked solid-state batteries
But details are, predictably, sparse.
Solid-state batteries have long been heralded as The Next Big Thing after lithium-ion, with companies from all quarters racing to get them into high-volume production. Dyson, BMW and car manufacturer Fisker are just a few names that have been working on the tech for the last few years, but now, reports suggest a Chinese start-up might be the first to have cracked it.
According to Chinese media, Qing Tao Energy Development Co, a startup out of the technical Tsinghua University, has deployed a solid-state battery production line in Kunshan, East China. Reports claim the line has a capacity of 100MWh per year -- which is planned to increase to 700MWh by 2020 -- and that the company has achieved an energy density of more than 400Wh/kg, compared to new generation lithium-ion batteries that boast a capacity of around 250-300Wh/kg.

Details beyond this are sparse. The headline news here, if accurate, would be that the company has managed to put solid-state batteries into high volume production, but it's not clear how Qing Tao Energy Development has achieved this, nor what price points are involved....MORE
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