Sunday, February 4, 2018

Arctic Doings: "Teekay’s New Icebreaking LNG Carrier ‘Eduard Toll’ Makes Historic Northern Sea Route Passage"

For China the Yamal LNG may be a literal lifesaver should other sources of natty (and/or coal) not be available. It has been cold up north—Harbin, a city of 10.6 million chilly souls is currently reporting -25°C (-13°F) and power demand  is going through the roof.
By contrast, Minneapolis, where the Super Bowl will be played later today, is a balmy -6°F (-21°C).

Yamal also shipped a couple cargoes to Massachusetts USA during the cold spell fortunately timed with the opening of Yamal in December. At the opening, Putin offered to sell LNG to Saudi Arabia who sent their Energy Minister to the ceremony to represent the kingdom.
It's a pretty big deal.

From gCaptain:
Bermuda-based shipping company Teekay has taken delivery of the icebreaking LNG carrier Eduard Toll, which has now completed its first unescorted trip across the Northern Sea Route.

Eduard Toll is the fourth of 15 Arc7 LNG carriers being built for Russia’s $27 billion Yamal LNG project and Teekay’s first of six LNG newbuildings contracted to service the project.

Over the New Year, the vessel made history as it underwent the latest seasonal independent passage by a merchant ship on the Northern Sea Route.

The vessel was technically accepted by Teekay in Korea at the beginning of December 2017 after successfully completing sea trials. From there, the vessel departed for her journey to the port of Sabetta, Northern Russia, via the Northern Sea Route.

At times during the trip, the unescorted Eduard Toll broke ice 1.8 meters thick at speeds of five knots astern, arriving at Sabetta ahead of schedule sometime in early January....MORE