Sunday, January 28, 2018

"U.S., Poland Oppose Gas Pipeline Linking Russia And Germany"

From Radio Free Europe:
The United States and Poland on January 27 took a common stand against a planned gas pipeline linking Russia to Germany, saying it is politicizing energy and undermining attempts to make Europe less dependent on Russian resources.

The pipeline, known as Nord Stream 2, would bypass Poland and leave Central Europe vulnerable to Russian pressure.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, speaking in Warsaw after talks with Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz said the pipeline was "not a healthy piece of infrastructure" for Europe's energy stability.

"Like Poland, the United States opposes the Nord Stream 2 pipeline," Tillerson said at a news conference with Czaputowicz. "We see it as undermining Europe's overall energy security and stability and providing Russia yet another tool to politicize energy as a political tool."

The pipeline would be the second to carry Russian gas directly to Germany and Western Europe via the Baltic Sea instead of through Poland and Ukraine.

Poland is wary of Russian intentions with the pipeline and "we share the view that it is necessary to diversify energy supplies into Europe," Czaputowicz said.

Poland began importing liquid natural gas from the United States last year. Tillerson encouraged further such sales and spoke in favor of a pipeline that would run from Poland to Norway....MORE
The last time we linked to Radio Free Europe someone sent over a Public Service Announcement from 1971 with the note: "The Cold War is Over".
Here's Reuters with more:
U.S. says planned Russian pipeline would threaten European energy security

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We had planned to link to a Euractiv post on the new pipe when Oilprice came up with one.
So now you get both.
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