Tuesday, January 30, 2018

"Russia and China could use AI to TAKE OVER world warns former Google CEO"

That's the headline at The Express who can be a bit click-baity but it was between them and the BBC's "Brian Cox and Eric Schmidt discuss the future of Artificial Intelligence" and, well...
...When in doubt, go with the most hysterical headline. 
(Rule one of blogging is that the End Of The World will be good for page views.)
Joel Achenbach, Washington Post 
-World War Five

From The Express:

FORMER Google CEO Eric Schmidt has claimed he is “very concerned” about Russia and China leading the way in the race on artificial intelligence technology
He made the remarks at an event where he was discussing AI with Professor Brian Cox during BBC's Tomorrow's World Live at London's Science Museum

One audience member asked Mr Schmidt: "(Vladimir) Putin said last year that whoever wins this race or in fact leads in AI will rule the world.

"And we also had China saying that by 2024 they want to lead this race. What are your views on that?”

Mr Schmidt responded: "I'm very concerned about this.
"I think that both the Russian and the Chinese leaders have recognised the value of this, not just for their commercial aspirations, but also their military aspirations.”

The former Google CEO also said the US and Europe need more funding to combat the problem.

He added: "It is very, very important that the incredible engines that exist in Europe, and Britain, wherever, United States etc. get more funding for basic research, ethics and so forth.

"I'd like us to deal with the Chinese and Russian competition not by copying their approaches, but being more like us, more of the incredible intellects that have been produced here in this country....MORE
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