Thursday, July 20, 2017

More Troubles For DryShips Economou (DRYS)

Sure he's got securities attorneys chasing him on DryShips and sure he's got creditors trying to nail down the location of Ocean Rig's drillships but this could be a problem.
From the New York Post:

Billionaire’s ex-gal pal claims she was cheated out of $240M
A filmmaker who says she was “instrumental” in turning her ex into a billionaire shipping magnate claims he cheated her out of a $240 million settlement.

Angela Ismailos met George Economou in 1994. They started dating and Economou moved into her $1.8 million Park Avenue pad, according to her Manhattan ­Supreme Court suit.

At the time he “was a struggling ship owner with five old vessels co-owned by a bank,” the suit says.
Over the next two decades, Ismailos “was instrumental in Economou’s rise to becoming a billionaire shipowner,” her suit says.

They never married, but Economou signed agreements in 2012 promising Ismailos a 50 percent stake in assets, court papers state....MORE