Friday, July 21, 2017

Loot From World's Biggest Art Heist Probably In Ireland-Investigator (plus the 'catalogue' of the Hermann Göring collection)

That's "biggest" if you don't count the Nazis.
The value of the "Hermann Göring collection" alone was pegged by the NYT at $200 million in 1945.
To get to current valuations you should probably add a couple zeros.
And maybe multiply that by five. We've been meaning to post something on Fat Hermann for a while, the inventory that came out in 2015 is linked after the jump.

From CBS News:

Investigator "100 percent sure" stolen art from legendary heist is in Ireland
Twenty-seven years later, it's still a mystery.

The biggest art heist in history, thieves targeted some of the highest-value art from Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, leaving behind empty frames, tied-up security guards and few clues.
The 13 stolen masterpieces valued at around half-a-billion dollars included a Rembrandt and a Vermeer, reports CBS News correspondent Seth Doane.

"I'm 100 percent sure that they are in Ireland. Hundred percent sure. No doubt in my mind," art investigator Arthur Brand said. He's described as the Indiana Jones of the art world.
It's an audacious claim to make after nearly three decades. But Brand alleges his leads point to the Irish Republican Army, or the IRA.

"We have had talks with… former members of the IRA – and after a few Guinnesses, after a few talks – you can see in their eyes that they know more," Brand said.
"How do we believe you?" Doane asked.

"Well, I have a track record. We have found some pieces back before. So let's give this a shot," Brand said.

Brand's highest-profile find to date came working with German police to recover bronze horse statues which stood in front of Adolf Hitler's Grand Chancellery building. He also helped recover Salvador Dali's "Adolescence."

"How is this stolen art used?" Doane asked.

"They use it as payment for drug deals, for arm deals," Brand said. "Sometimes they use it for, like, art-napping. They kidnap paintings and they use it as – to get a lesser sentence."...

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Inventory of Hermann Göring art collection at Unterstein, Germany, 1945

Renoirs, Rubens', Monets, Corot, Tintorettos, van Goghs, Botticellis, a bunch of Cranachs and on and on.

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