Sunday, July 23, 2017

Flying taxis to transport passengers in Moscow in 2018

As noted back in 2016:
As the only analysts covering the nascent as-yet-theoretical autonomous electric flying taxi market we intend to be the the go-to source for all things autonomous electric flying taxi and/or theoretical....
There have been some developments.
From TASS:
MOSCOW, July 20. /TASS/. First self-flying taxis will appear in Moscow as soon as the year 2018 after relevant legislation is approved, the head of the Russian company ATM Freight Drones told TASS on Wednesday.

The company tests unmanned aerial vehicles in a Moscow technology park.

"The theme is rather expansive since it features technical aspects, which we have managed to overcome, and legal aspects as well," Alexander Atamanov said. "We have put forward an initiative to amend the current legislation so that personal drones can be used for transportation of cargoes and passengers. Moscow government’s position is positive but much depends on the federal authorities. So, if we manage to do it, Moscow will become one of the most innovative capital cities in the world. I think that the most positive scenario is one year."

There should be "a narrow echelon of 10-15 meters above the ground, flyovers, underpasses, rivers, and railways where transport goes," he said.

Flying taxis are "tested in fenced areas", in the Moscow and Skolkovo technology parks, he said. No traffic jams

At first, flying taxis will be available for short distance trips. A special app should be downloaded on the mobile phone to call a flying taxi. Fares are not expected to be higher than the current taxi rates.
High speeds and no traffic jams are main advantages of flying taxis, Atamanov said....MORE
Meanwhile, it appears the much heralded Dubai taxi service, which was due to begin service in July, has been delayed a bit.
From The National (UAE):

World's first self-flying taxi coming to Dubai 'within months'
Velocopter can carry two passengers in complete safety and will have new laws to guide operations, the RTA says.

The world’s first autonomous flying taxi is expected to be in the air by the end of the year, Dubai transport officials have revealed.

The German-designed Volocopter will begin testing in the final quarter of 2017, followed by a five-year evaluation period.

The RTA also announced that it is working with the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority to develop the world’s first autonomous aviation laws and operational guidelines. Because the Volocopter carries only passengers, its occupants do not need a pilot license.

A new video released by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) shows what it might be like to travel in the pilotless aircraft, which can carry up to two passengers and is powered by 18 electric rotors....MORE
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