Sunday, November 20, 2016

"Auto Mechanics In the Style of Michelangelo--UPDATED"

Thanks (I think) to a friend.

Besides Mike we have da Vinci and Rembrandt along with a still life from an un-named school, probably Flemish or Dutch.
(it's titled after a Rembrandt in the Dutch Royal collection at the Mauritshuis, the Haag, but the composition is totally different)

Update: my comment above is fāke .
I confused the caption of one photo, The Anatomy Lesson, for the correct caption, Still Life 1.
Regret the error.

This guy is very, very good.

From Petapixel:
Photographer Freddy Fabris spent years wanting to pay homage to the legendary artworks of great Renaissance master painters, but figuring out how to do so with his camera was a challenge. Recently, he finally came up with an idea that blends the style of old with ideas that are new: it’s a series of portraits of car mechanics in a repair shop, created with the look and feel of Renaissance paintings....

 The Creation of Adam by Michaelangelo:

A bit of Rembrandt inspired garageiness:



And from the artist's atelier (ok, website), Still Life 1: