Monday, November 18, 2013

As Tesla Breaks $130 Here Come the Class Action Lawyers (TSLA)

The stock just bounced off of $125.14. We still think the gap at a hundo is attracting the stock.
From Business Wire (a Berkshire Hathaway Company):
The Law Firm of Wohl & Fruchter LLP Investigates Alleged Violations of Financial Reporting Rules by Tesla Motors, Inc.
As you can probably tell, not too concerned about the barristers. OTOH there are some accounting issues we should get to.
Here's the chart (Yahoo Finance) with the gap from late May:
Chart forTesla Motors, Inc. (TSLA)
May 24 close 97.08
May 28 open 101.55
May 28 close 110.33

May 29 Open 113.55

I know the tails of the down days on May 31 and June 1 filled the gaps but it was on very light volume compared to the earlier week.

Nov 12 
Tesla's Musk as Equity Analyst: "Stock's high price was a distraction, seems a better deal now" (TSLA)
...It's probably time for a bounce but that gap just below $100 still looks like the intermediate-term target.
Nov. 8: 
Chartology: Tesla Getting Near a Bounce (TSLA)
  1. The stock is basically a short-seller’s dream at this point, since ultimately I think it’s going to work its way back down to $45 or so;
  2. But at the moment, I think it’s probably not going to get much lower than about $128, plus or minus a few bucks, before bouncing back to around $160...
Nov. 7: 
Tesla: Baby's on Fire (TSLA)
...There are a couple gaps on the chart, ~100 and ~63 that the stock may be headed for, I had intended to post this yesterday but reality intruded, sorry.
Oct. 30 
Tesla Is Buying Batteries for How Many Cars? (TSLA)
I don't think any corporate news short of a buyout matters to the shares right now, when stocks get broken they don't get fixed in a fortnight. The numbers do show the growth though.
$161.34 down $3.13. 
Oct. 29 
Chartology: Tesla Breaks Down
Oct. 23: 
Chartology: Tesla's Head and Shoulders Formation (TSLA)
The stock is trading down $7.04 at $164.50.
Oct. 7: 
"Jim Chanos Hints He is Shorting Tesla Short (Sorta)" (TSLA)
The stock is up $2.41 at $183.39.  
A bounce and then lower. If we get a bear market in the larger equity universe: a lot lower.