Monday, November 18, 2013

Hey, These Alphaville Readers Are Pretty Sharp!

This will be our last Larry Summers link (today).
Reading some of the comments on Izabella Kaminska's "Summers on bubbles and secular stagnation forever":
Correct me if I'm mistaken | November 18 12:02pm | Permalink
Didn't these guys create the problem in the first place via banking deregulation, leading to excessive credit growth? 

Bonnemort | November 18 12:28pm | Permalink
Heleen Mees - "like trickle-down economics, (asset bubble) increases inequality .."
Maybe as far as some people are concerned that's a feature, not a bug. 
Heleen Mees | November 18 12:39pm | Permalink
@Bonnemort That may be true for Summers, but I doubt it is for Krugman. 

Izabella Kaminska | November 18 12:59pm | Permalink
@helen - i agree! I think that's the key problem with it. There has to be some sort of distribution mechanism to counter that. 
And many more.

These are almost uniformly the least troll-like responsorials to one of Izzy's posts that I've seen in a while.
You almost want to hug them and say "Look at you, all grow'd up now"
It's almost as if the whole choir was on the same page.