Monday, July 22, 2013

"Hearing on Examining Financial Holding Companies: Should Banks Control Power Plants, Warehouses and Oil Refineries?" Prepared Remarks

Testimony of Mr. Timothy Weiner
Global Risk Manager
Commodities/Metals, MillerCoors LLC
Good morning
Mr. Chairman and members of the Committee. My name is Tim Weiner.
I am the Global Risk Manager of Commodities and Metals for MillerCoors, a U.S. brewing company headquartered in Chicago, IL. 
MillerCoors employs 8,800 people here in the United States, working in eight breweries in Irwindale, CA, Trenton, OH, Eden, NC, Fort Worth, TX, Albany, GA, Elkton, VA, Golden, CO, and Milwaukee, WI
We also operate the Leinenkugel’s craft brewery in Chippewa Falls, WI, and the Blue Moon Brewing Company in Denver, CO.
We sell our products in all 50 states and we contract brew for export through associates.
MillerCoors insists on building its brands the right way:
through brewing quality, responsible marketing, sales, environmental and community impact.
This year, MillerCoors will brew and ship in excess of 60 million barrels of beer within the United States. 
Our company will package about 60 percentof that beer in aluminum cans and aluminum bottles. That’s the equivalent of about 4,000 747 jumbo jets worth of aluminum each year. Beer in aluminum containers has a long history within our company.
In fact, Bill Coors invented the seamless two-piece aluminum container in 1958 and started the first aluminum can recycling program 55years ago....MUCH MORE (7page PDF)
More to come:
  • Ms. Saule Omarova [view testimony]
    Associate Professor of Law
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law
  • Mr. Joshua Rosner [view testimony]
    Managing Director
    Graham Fisher & Company
  • Mr. Randall D. Guynn [view testimony]
    Head of Financial Institutions Group