Thursday, July 25, 2013

EIA Natural Gas Weekly Supply/Demand Update (July 25, 2013)

From the EIA:
...Supply increased very slightly over the report week. Dry production increased by 0.5%, offsetting a 4.3% decline in imports from Canada, according to data from Bentek. In the West and Northeast, pipeline imports were much higher in the first two days of the report week, likely to meet heat-related air conditioning demand, but fell during the remainder of the report week as weather moderated. Production this week was 3.1% greater than the year-ago level.

Consumption increased 0.6% over the report week. Consumption of natural gas for power generation increased less than 1% from the previous week, according to Bentek data. Despite high power consumption levels in the first few days of the report week, closer-to-normal power consumption in the following days led to a small overall weekly increase nationally. Regionally, power consumption increased 2.0% in both the Southeast and the Northeast, the two regions that consume the most natural gas for power generation. Electric power consumption in the Northeast this week exceeded its year-ago level by 4.5%, which is somewhat unusual, since low prices of summer 2012 led to record-high consumption of natural gas for power generation. Residential and commercial consumption increased slightly (though July is a month of minimal demand in these sectors), and industrial consumption remained flat. U.S. pipeline exports to Mexico increased 4.2%....MORE