Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Former Joey Ramone Infatuant Maria Bartiromo Says Bad Things are Coming to the Market

Infatuant is a semi-made up word, using the "ant" to designate the recipient, as in annuitant, and the infatuo, "Make a fool of" from the Latin.
[is there a word "fatuant" for "the fatuous one?" -ed]

From CNBC:
Stock Market May Be Headed for Rude Shock This Month
By Maria Bartiromo

The focus on fundamentals is about to begin.

For the last three months, investors have been ignoring the weak economic backdrop and plowing money into stocks because of the cheap money swirling from central banks around the world. Investors are searching for yield in an environment of rock bottom rates.

But judgment day is coming....MUCH MORE
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