Friday, August 12, 2011

How to Tell a Real Investment Banker: @GSElevator

DealBook purports to interview the Goldman Insider behind the Twitter account:

Meet the Goldman Sachs Banker Behind @GSElevator
The media world was set ablaze last week by @CondeElevator, a now-discontinued Twitter account that posted overheard snippets from the elevator bank at Condé Nast’s Times Square headquarters. (Example: “Girl: Omigod I love your dress so much I wish there was a ‘like’ button I could press.”)

To fill the void left by @CondeElevator, several other elevator-themed Twitter accounts have sprouted up, including @GSElevator, an account that purports to dish the dirt on what happens inside the elevators at Goldman Sachs.

The creator of @GSElevator agreed to be interviewed over e-mail, provided we protect his or her anonymity. (We at DealBook have our hunches, but we’ll keep them to ourselves.) As we’ve seen this summer, it’s not easy to remain an anonymous finance blogger, but we tip our hat to you, sir or madam, for trying.

Q. Who are you?
A. Simply put, I am a banker who has some free time now that market volatility and the usual August summer lull has brought capital markets to a virtual halt. I am also someone who has long been cynical of the industry and the people that build their entire sense of self around it....MORE
And that's where I stopped reading.
I don't know anyone with any level of seniority that would say something like that at any time, much less
-635; +430; -520 ; +423*
*the daily closing change on the DJIA this week.