Sunday, August 28, 2011

So You're MAD About Something on the Internet?

See Not Quite Wrong for the whole thing:

So you’re MAD about something on the Internet…

NQW says:
UPDATE: Thanks to everyone for sharing the chart! You can vote for it on Reddit here (please do!), I would LOVE to see it again on BoingBoing, if someone sends me a Submitterator post I’ll add it here as well. If there’s anywhere else you share it to, please let me know!
After months of discussion and planning, Caldwell and myself, creators of the “So you found something cool on the Internet…” chart on giving credit where credit is due, are proud to present this followup, all about Internet arguments.

I think we’ve all seen it before, the argument online that gets out of hand. Our message is simple, the minute you engage you probably should have walked away. So don’t get angry, just chill the fuck out and eat a sandwich. I mean look at Professor Internet. He seems like a smart cat. Better listen to him....MORE
HT: Reason's Hit and Run blog