Friday, November 26, 2010

"Zimbabwe – a core holding for 2011"

I'll bite.
As I said in "Invitation to Tea at the Financial Times":
I don't usually run free ads but this one intrigued me.
The FT is obviously doing deep research for some product or service, more power to 'em.
You try waking every morning to the spectre of battling Bloomberg, Dow Jones and Thompson/Reuters in the information wars.
This seemed a natural for about 1/4 of our readership (the rest being journalists, hedgies, wirehouses, the hyperintelligent, folks who like pictures of obese felines* and various regulatory and legislative bodies)....
The full headline of today's link started with "[Shameless FT Tilt promo]"
Here's the latest at Alphaville:
FT Tilt is an online service from the Financial Times focusing exclusively on the emerging world. As a prelude to its December launch, we’re offering our readers a selection of op-eds written by emerging market experts. These pieces discuss contemporary issues facing these markets.
The latest in the series comes from Graham Stock, chief strategist at Insparo Asset Management in London. Accompanying a group of sport fishermen headed for the Zambezi river, he recently visited Harare to get a feel for the political situation in Zimbabwe and the sustainability of the rapid growth that has followed on from the dollarization of the economy in February 2009.
Get the full article here — and join FT Tilt’s exclusive mailing list to get future editions of our View from the Ground series.
*In two of the past twenty-five months our most visited post was "Obama: 'Fat-cat' bankers owe help to U.S. taxpayers (BAC; C; GS; JPM; WFC)". I don't think it was because of my insightful commentary. Rather, I'm guessing the real stars were:

From our Oct. 4, 2008 post:
Citi Slicker

Fat Cat

Save Me! I'm a BSD Dammit!

fat cat

Country (wide) Cousin (It's BAC!)
Fat cat!