Monday, November 29, 2010

"Goldman Joins MarketBeat as Box Watchers!" (GS)

I'm torn between the above and "Polygamous Lesbians Flee Sharia" as the headline of the day.
Here are the respective stories:
Die-hard MarketBeat addicts know that we get overly excited about ostensibly boring stuff around here. Staid dividend stocks? Check. Dusty digitized Wall Street Journal stories? Yep. And, of course, a topic that makes us tremulous with excitement: cardboard boxes....MORE
A Nigerian lesbian who "married" four women last weekend in Kano State has gone into hiding from the Islamic police, with her partners.
Under Sharia law, adopted in the state seven years ago, homosexuality and same-sex marriages are outlawed and considered very serious offences.

The theatre where the elaborate wedding celebration was held on Sunday has been demolished by Kano city's authorities. ...MORE
(the latter is three years old but I was reminded of it for another post)