Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Solar: Trading the Dec. 14 Investors and Analysts Guidance Call--Buy it NOW (FSLR)

UPDATE: Tight stops kids. If the overall market goes against you, you're sunk. On the other hand a reversal of the buck's recent strength puts some rocket fuel into a 1.5 beta stock.
Merry Christmas.
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Repost: More on the First Solar Initiation by Susquehanna, Likes Dec. $125 Calls (FSLR)
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The stock is down 9 cents at $124.44 on a day the DJIA is down 128.
Relative strength etc.
Here's the chart of the six weeks bracketing last year's Dec. 16 confab:

Note the run up from Dec. 1, 2009 to the middle of the month.
[and don't miss the collapse in January, 2010 -ed]

And our Dec. 14, 2009 post, "First Solar 2010 Guidance Webcast Details (FSLR)":
UPDATE: "First Solar Breaks Above 50-Day Simple Moving Average;"... Higher Ahead of 12/16 Event" First Solar (FSLR)"
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The last time they had one of these get-togethers we exited a short position, the stock went up eight bucks and we re-entered the short.*
*June 23, 2009
First Solar: Chicken Trader Pulling the Plug (FSLR)

Update: FSLR closed up $2.12 at $164.22 after getting as low as $158.77. We were out at $161 and change. After the Lovefest we should get another shot at that $151.67.
Original post:
First Solar is going to host it's 2009 Analyst/Investor Meeting tomorrow and I am going to bail on the short with 14 points to the good, far short of the $20-25 goal. Here's the June 16 post...
June 16, 2009
First Solar: Stock Decisively Breaks Support (will it close there?); Company to Webcast Its Analyst/Investor Meeting on June 24, 2009

June 3, 2009
Will First Solar Close the April 30 Chart Gap? (FSLR)