Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Suez studying Chile thermal/hydro/wind projects (SUE.L; SZEZY)

Big Money.
From Reuters:

French utility Suez said on Tuesday it was studying building a thermoelectric complex in central Chile, at least six hydroelectric plants in the south and two wind farms.

Manlio Alessi, president of Suez Energy Andino told reporters in the northern city of Calama that investment in the projects could total around $3 billion.

He said Suez had already bought a 1,000-hectare (2,500-acre) plot near the central city of La Serena for its "Barrancones" thermoelectric project, where it aims to build three units each with a capacity of 180 megawatts.

"The investment is similar to that in our other thermal power plant. Between $800 million and $1 billion," Alessi said during a presentation....MORE